Comprehensive Boiler Repair in the Twin Cities North West Metro and surrounding communities.

Boilers are an important part of radiator-based heating and water heating. Sudden loss of heat or hot water creates a real problem in the day, especially during cold weather. The trained and certified HVAC contractor at Thelen Mechanical can provide regular maintenance and boiler repair in Twin Cities North West Metro and surrounding communities in MN.

Boilers are typically closed units or containers that heat a fluid for multiple applications. Some of the more common applications are water heating and radiator heating, which works well in apartment buildings. The main components are a burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, and a supply plumbing system.

Common Boiler Issues

Unforeseen problems with boilers are inconvenient when it comes to heating and hot water. The more common issues include:

  • Leaking
  • Radiator problems
  • Loss of thermostat control
  • Inconsistent pilot light
  • A boiler that won’t start
  • Low pressure

A boiler may need attention from the professionals at Thelen Mechanical once you notice water surrounding the heating system, which should get immediate attention. Leaks often indicate corrosion, loose joints, or high pressure and can cause short-circuiting. Low pressure can frequently be identified through the built-in gauge. A reading below one indicates a poorly-functioning boiler. Uneven radiator heating often shows a buildup of sludge or air.

An ineffective thermostat may indicate a bad connection or signal interference. If putting it near the boiler doesn’t help, contact the team at Thelen Mechanical. If a pilot light doesn’t stay lit, it may be due to a disrupted fuel supply through the thermocouple or a buildup of deposits. If a tripped fuse isn’t why a boiler won’t light, it’s time to call a trained expert from our team.

Benefits of Professional Boiler Repair and Other Services

Boilers are an essential part of heating systems. A repair can be time-intensive and complicated, and improper maintenance can lead to safety concerns. Regular maintenance and boiler services by Thelen Mechanical are smart and cost-effective preventative measures. They also provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing a trained professional will safely and adequately carry out comprehensive maintenance and repair.

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The certified technicians at Thelen Mechanical have the experience and skills to handle any boiler-related issue and ensure it continues to work reliably. Whether it's a basic repair or a completely new boiler installation, our professionals will quickly respond with a reliable service.

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