What Counts as Emergency Plumbing?

Plumbing problems seem to happen at the worst times, such as finding out that your bathtub is clogged just when you’re in desperate need of a soak in the tub. While some plumbing issues seem urgent enough to warrant an immediate visit by a plumber in Monticello, MN, not all instances are emergencies. Learn when a plumbing issue may be an emergency from Thelen Mechanical.

Foul Smells

Foul smells can be traced to a number of issues that might need to be looked at by a plumbing company in Monticello, MN. Sewer clogs from drains or toilets sometimes produce a sulfuric smell or a rotten egg odor. These types of stench can indicate a blockage somewhere in the system.

Burst or Leaky Pipes

Pipes commonly burst after a hard freeze or from age. A burst pipe can cause floods or damage to walls and ceilings. A single pipe has the potential to leak four to eight gallons in only a minute. If a pipe has burst, turn off the water to the fixture or the main water supply to stop the flow. Use a wet/dry vacuum to absorb as much debris as possible. Otherwise, you need emergency plumbing in Monticello, MN immediately.

Avoid touching cords or outlets in the area, and attempt to shut off the water supply to the suspected fixture. Call for immediate plumbing repairs in Monticello, MN if you can’t shut off the water or have to shut off the main water supply.

No Hot Water

No hot water commonly indicates a problem with water heaters. Ensure the pilot light has not gone out on gas water heaters or the breaker has not tripped on electric water heaters.

Set the thermostat to 120 degrees F to 140 degrees F. Inspect the heating elements and relief valve for damage. If you cannot turn off the power, have a damaged pressure relief valve, or smell gas, contact your trusted plumber right away.

While not every plumbing issue is an emergency, delaying plumbing services in Monticello, MN could get costly later. Contact Thelen Mechanical when you need immediate repairs.