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Thelen Mechanical is the leading plumber and HVAC contractor in Monticello, MN, we offer regular preventative home check-ups, emergency repairs, and complete installations. We pride ourselves on our technically-proficient quality service for local homes and families. Here is an overview of the complete installation, maintenance, and repair services we provide to our clients in Monticello and surrounding areas.

Our Top-Notch Services in Monticello, MN

  • Plumbing Monticello, MN - We’re a full-service provider of plumbing services. We’ll handle any plumbing repair, maintenance, or installation need, whether it’s a new bathroom fixture, a broken shower handle, a routine drain cleaning, or a full plumbing system update. We can handle any fixture, make or model, or any plumbing issue, whether it's a basic repair or an emerging complication.
  • HVAC Repair Monticello, MN - At Thelen Mechanical, we understand the importance of consistent and reliable heating and cooling for stable daily operations in a home. We’ll fully assess your existing system’s health and recommend the most effective course of action. Our fully-trained team also understands the benefits of matching a system’s size to your home’s heating and cooling profile. As a top HVAC contractor, we aim to prevent system overloading and avoid complications like excess humidity.
  • Boiler Services Monticello, MN - Boiler systems have multiple applications in a home, from radiant floor heat and space heating for apartments to on-demand hot water from tankless heaters. We’re professionally trained to work with all system types, including condensing gas boilers, combination systems, and both traditional tank and tankless water heaters. In addition, we can provide recommendations about the optimal energy system involved, whether it’s based on oil, natural gas, or electric elements, to choose a replacement or new installation that best makes use of your home’s resources.
  • Air Conditioning Repair Monticello, MN - Air conditioning is important for consistently-livable home environments during the hottest months of the year. Just as we do with HVAC system installations, we’ll run through your home’s cooling requirements and help you match the right-sized unit to get the most efficient and effective cooling available. We also provide regular check-ups to make sure your system isn’t developing any enduring issues, such as clogged drains or dirty condenser coils that lead to system stress, higher bills, and costly damage.
  • Drain Cleaning Monticello, MN - Backed up drains mean kitchen activities, washing or flushing can’t take place, creating a significant inconvenience. Drain backups can be due to buildup on the pipe's interior, caused by kitchen grease, food bits, and debris, soap scum, or hair. This material doesn’t break up with more water flow and can eventually result in slow drains and blockages. You need a reliable plumber from Thelen Mechanical, as we have the tools and experience to accurately identify drain issues and apply the most effective solution. Our team also does regular drain and plumbing-system check-ups to prevent poorly function drains and emergencies before they happen.
  • Heating Repair Monticello, MN - Heating is critical to maintaining a proper shelter during cold Minnesota winter months. If your system is showing signs of uneven performance, our heating technicians will respond right away to get your system up and running as soon as possible. We also make check-ups to look for hidden issues that could lead to major problems. Just as every cooling or HVAC system needs to match a home’s unique requirements, a heating solution also needs to meet relevant heating demands. Thelen Mechanical has the experience to help clarify the many heating system options available. When you’re choosing a new system installation or updated replacement, we help make sure you make an investment that will meet your needs for the long term.

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At Thelen Mechanical, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing reliable repair, maintenance, and installation services for all components of your home’s infrastructure. We’re proud to be an Angie’s List Super Service Award recipient. We offer maintenance agreements to keep up with the condition of your home’s systems. Whether it’s a small fix, a routine checkup, a consultation on a new installment, or a plumbing emergency, we respond quickly and make sure the job gets done right. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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