Is Your Plumbing Ready for the Holidays?

Before the holiday season arrives and there are more people in your home using your kitchen and bathroom, consider contacting Thelen Mechanical to make sure that your plumbing system is in proper working order. You don’t want to be left with a puddle on your floor and in need of a plumber in Big Lake, MN, because your drains are clogged.

Slow Drainage

One of the most common problems that could warrant a call to a plumbing company is slow draining. This could occur in the kitchen sink because there’s too much food that has been sent through the pipes or in the toilet because of too much toilet paper that’s been used. Your drains should be as clear as possible before preparing large dinners and inviting more people to your home so that the water can flow smoothly. You can use hot water and vinegar or a long plumbing cable to unclog your drains before calling a professional if you want to handle the issue on your own.


A way to avoid the urgent need for plumbing services over the holidays is to put trash cans in the rooms where more people will gather. This can give everyone a visual cue to throw trash away instead of putting it in a sink and stopping up the lines.


An appliance that you might not think about is the garbage disposal. This is often at the root of many plumbing repairs because you think that you can continue putting items in the disposal without sharpening the blades or making sure the food is broken into small pieces.

Whether you need help getting the water flowing through your pipes or you simply want to make sure your plumbing is ready to handle more people for the holidays, contact Thelen Mechanical so that someone can be of assistance.