Common HVAC Problems

An HVAC unit should provide you with comfort anytime you need it. However, over time, you may experience problems that require professional HVAC repair in Big Lake, MN. Here are some common HVAC issues that Thelen Mechanical usually encounters: .

HVAC Unit Not Turning On

An HVAC system in Big Lake, MN not turning on could occur for several reasons. Sometimes, the thermostat is set too low, so try moving it up a few degrees. If the unit is on Auto Cool, it won’t come on until the room reaches the preset temperature. Ensure that the breaker hasn’t tripped or the fuse hasn’t blown. Look for the red reset button on the outside unit, and press it.

No Cool Air From HVAC Unit

A unit not blowing cold air may need a refrigerant recharge. The refrigerant cools the air as it passes over the coils before it enters the area. Avoid changing refrigerants yourself, however, as the substance can be toxic. Get in touch with a professional for HVAC services in Big Lake, MN instead.

Dirty Air FIlters

Checking air filters should be part of regular HVAC maintenance in Big Lake, MN. Dirty filters are a common culprit of many HVAC issues. Dirty or clogged filters block the air flow, which makes your air conditioning unit work harder to ensure a comfortable home environment. It can also make the air unhealthy, increasing your chances of air-borne illnesses. Some units come with removable filters that can be taken out and cleaned, while other units have disposables.

Thermostat Malfunction

Most of the time, the problem lies within the thermostat itself and not the unit. A malfunctioning thermostat could cause short cycling, or continuous on and off. To determine whether your thermostat is malfunctioning, inspect your HVAC unit. The display should be lit. If it isn’t, turn off the breaker or remove the fuse that controls the unit. Remove the panel, and inspect it for dirt and damaged wiring. Try replacing the battery, if possible.

Most HVAC problems are not complex, but problems such as faulty thermostats often need professional repairs. Thelen Mechanical can provide you with quality repairs and HVAC installation in Big Lake, MN. Contact us today for inquiries or for an appointment with our team.